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Terp Family Student Scholarship Awards

The application process for the 2022-2023 Terp Family Student Scholarship Awards is closed. The deadline to submit applications was 5 p.m. on Friday, April 29, 2022.

The 2023-2024 application process will begin in Spring 2023. 

The Terp Family Student Scholarship (formerly the Maryland Parent & Family Association Student Scholarship Awards) is a one-time award presented each year to undergraduate students in good standing who may be unable to continue their education at the University due to extenuating financial circumstances. Thanks to the generosity of parent and family donors, the scholarship committee will award scholarships of up to $2,000. A minimum of 15 scholarships will be awarded. Awards are made annually on or before July 15 for the following academic year.

Students who complete the online scholarship application, and who meet the criteria, will be considered for the following scholarships:

  • Terp Family Student Scholarship
  • Chafitz Family Endowed Scholarship (priority consideration for pre-med or pre-dental students)
  • Littenberg Family Scholarship (priority consideration for engineering or education majors)
  • J. Logan Schutz Legacy Scholarship (rising junior or senior whose parent(s) attended UMD)
  • Wes and Jo Ann Chin Endowed Scholarship
  • Senior Class Scholarship (rising senior)

Eligibility for Award
To be eligible for the scholarship award, a student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a registered, undergraduate degree-seeking student at the University of Maryland, College Park during the semester for which the award is made;
  2. Have completed at least 36 credits (sophomore standing) and be enrolled at the University at the time of application submission, in addition to the time of financial award;
  3. Be a student in good standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and no disciplinary record;
  4. Have personal or family circumstances that have caused or contributed to a financial burden that may be remedied in whole or in part by the scholarship award;
  5. Have at least one semester of study left at the University before receiving a degree;
  6. Be able to apply the full amount of the award to tuition, living expenses or textbooks in the semester/academic year for which the scholarship is awarded and as can be disbursed by the Office of Student Financial Aid.

The application consists of an essay outlining your need for assistance and your qualifications for this award. The essay must be well-written and should address the following: (we recommend printing this information and preparing your essay in a separate document. You can then cut and paste your essay into the online application.)

  1. The Student Scholarship award is intended to provide assistance to a student who may be compelled to leave the University and/or delay graduation due to extenuating financial conditions. Please describe any personal or family circumstances that have caused or contributed to a financial burden of this nature.
  2. Are there other financial concerns that you want the committee to consider when reviewing this application? In response to this question, please describe: a.) All scholarships or financial assistance you currently receive, if any. Be sure to note if you are eligible for or currently receive a Pell Grant as part of your financial aid package; b.) Summer employment and position(s) held; and c.) Part-time employment and position(s) held during the school year. The review committee appreciates information about any jobs for which you receive payment. If you are not working, please explain the circumstances why you are not able to work during the summer and/or school year.
  3. How will this scholarship assist you in persisting at the University, pursuing your program of study, and attaining your career goals?
  4. Please share any additional information about your experience at the University of Maryland that will be helpful for the committee to know.

Important notes: (1) We highly recommend preparing your essay in a separate document. You can then cut and paste your essay into the online application. (2) Be sure to address everything listed above in your essay. Failure to do so will mean a lower scoring essay. (3) There is no word limit; however, a good essay is around 700-800 words. Be clear and concise.

Application Procedure
All applicants must agree to authorize the release of information to verify academic and any disciplinary records. In addition, applicants must agree that portions of the information contained in this application will be shared with the Terp Family Student Scholarship Review Committee for the purpose of selection of this award. Note: the selection committee utilizes a blind review process, so no personally identifiable information (applicant name or UID) is shared with the committee.

Limits to confidentiality of essays/applications
While receiving instruction, advising, or other services at the University, Maryland state law requires advisors/educators/employers to report any incident of past or current child abuse or neglect to Child Protective Services and to the University President's Designee, the University's Chief of Police. In addition, if an educator has reason to believe that a vulnerable adult (an adult who lacks the physical or mental capacity to provide for the adult's daily needs) over the age of 18 is in danger, the educator is required to make a report to law enforcement authorities. Health professionals, psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors and mental health professionals are not required to report child abuse neglect to the President's Designee, but are required by law to make reports to Child Protective Services.

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