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First Year: Awareness

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The first year at UMD is the perfect time to become familiar with the University Career Center & The President’s Promise. The following is a list of suggestions for your student.

  • Visit the University Career Center & The President’s Promise in person and online.
  • Become more familiar with your interests and how they relate to your career path by completing personality/career assessments, such as FOCUS 2.
  • Register for Careers4Terps and take advantage of internships, part-time, summer, or volunteer opportunities in your career areas of interest. 
  • Begin planning for The President’s Promise opportunities such as research, study abroad, student leadership, or volunteerism.
  • Explore your interests through work-related experiences, job shadowing, and speaking with professionals in a variety of occupations.
  • Attend University Career Center events, including career fairs, networking panels, and workshops.
  • Use the Center’s Resume Builder to start developing your resume(s) and cover letters(s), and have them critiqued at the Center.

 How you can help your student.

First Year: Awareness | Terp Family


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