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Terp Family Fundamentals

The Terp Family Fundamentals webinar series is intended to help parents and families understand how they can best support their student(s) while they're at the University of Maryland. We welcome questions, comments, and topic suggestions for the series at TerpFamily@umd.edu. All presentations will be recorded and made available on the Terp Family YouTube page.

Upcoming (Click to title to register)
7/24/2018 - Tips for Creating a Successful Residential Experience (view the recording, pdf available here)
8/22/2018 - Getting your Terp into a new shell - Supporting your transfer student
8/28/2018 - How to support your college student in recovery from problematic substance use
9/6/2018 - Understanding your student's disability resources
9/11/2018 - Building coping and resiliency skills
9/12/2018 - Education abroad 101 for families
10/9/2018 - Understanding mental health support on campus
10/11/2018 - Understanding the advising meeting
10/25/2018 - Greek Life: Fraternities
11/1/2018 - Greek Life: Sororities
11/7/2018 - Taking care of your sick Terp​​
11/8/2018 - Supporting your Terp's career success
12/6/2018 - Financing & Safety for your abroad Terp
1/8/2019 - Navigating off-campus housing with your Terp
​2/6/2019 - Preparing your Terp for the Smith transfer application
2/12/2019 - Supporting your Terp's Internship Search
3/5/2019 - Supporting your Terp through room selection
TBD - Coaching your Terp's financial wellness
TBD - Understanding the withdrawal and leave of absence process
TBD - Understanding Limited Enrollment Programs