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Honor Roll

The Office of Parent and Family Affairs and the Maryland Parents Association would like to recognize the following individuals for their generous contributions to the 2013-2014 Parents as Partners Campaign via the Parents Association Initiatives Fund and/or the Parents Association Student Scholarship Fund. We greatly appreciate the support you have given and continue to provide. 

Partner in Excellence ($1,000 and over)
Abraham and Linda Littenberg
Bakul and Nina Chibber
Bill and Dinah Vogel
Charlotte and Paul Evasick
Christina Keene
Evan and Beth Fishman
Grace and Arthur Turcotte
Herbert and Shelley Washer
John and Marina McPhillips
Joyce and Joe Askinasi
Kate Peterson
Marla and Steve Brannan
Michael and Debbie Schwab
Parker and Jeanette Rockefeller
Robert and Susan Goldberg
Sandy and Jack Swartz
Sean and Brenda Battle

American Campus Communities OP LP
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Inc.
Capstone Management
Hilton Worldwide
Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions
Marriott International, Inc.
Noodles and Company
Rita's Italian Ice
T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.
The Enclave at 8700
The Inn and Conference Center
The Mall at Prince Georges
The Princeton Review
The University Book Center
The University View
The Varsity at College Park
Princeton Review of MD, Inc.
University Book Center
University of Maryland Alumni Association Inc.

Partner in Leadership ($500 to $999)
John and Mary Hogarty
Kirk Bell and Eileen Williams Bell
Louise and Alan Johnson

Hilton Washington DC/Silver Spring
Mark and Crystal Moran
Metro Points Hotel
Realtors Information Network

Partner in Advocacy ($250 to $499)
Geoffrey Rosenthal and Carmel Deckelman
Bach-Tuyet Tran-Jeffrey
Chad Kinelski
Christina Wood
Craig and Stephanie Kiker
Dave and Barbara Berenhaus
David and Allison Perlmutter
Edgar Alonsozana
John and Kolinda Scialabba
Ken DeGraw
Meryl Bloomrosen
Michael Berenhaus
Randy and Andrea Berkow
Ronald and Sheri Verdonk

Abolish Child Trafficking Now, Inc.
AT&T Foundation
Automobile Diagnostic Center, Inc.
Shay Interiors, LLC
Suburban Therapy and Treatment Services
Trade Center Hotel, LLC.

Partner in Stewardship ($100 to $249)
Audrey Merat
Alan Berkowitz
Alan Ellis
Allan and Susie Feinstein
Allison Stevens
Amy Curtis
Barton and Renee Osher
Brandon Falchiere and Shari Smith Falchiere
Brian Ladds
Bruce and Melanie Healey
Carolyn Jacobs
Charles and Tracy Kerns
Christopher Duggan and Deborah Molrine
David and Dganit Shefet
Deborah Walters
Edward Myslinski
Eric and Anne Wooleyhand
Gary and Sara Thomas
George Warrington and Barbara Murphy-Warrington
Harrison Tucker
Henry Todaro and Debra Sahm Todaro
James Slattery
Jan Sachs
Jay Henn
Jeannine Kurtz
Jeff and Jeanne Altman
Jeffrey Fink
Jenell St. John
Jo Ann and Wesley Chin
Jonathan and Ellen Kessler
Joseph Zillo
Juan Carlos and Maria Di Tata
Julie Goldberg
Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay and Sangeeta Bhattacharya
Lisa Zigman
Matthew Marra
Meera Appaswamy
Michael and Lili Weingarten
Michael and Patricia Meinhold
Michael Fried and Beth Jonas
Michael Lew and Patricia Cheung-Lew
Mrs. Lisa Holt
Nikolaos Annitsakis
Noel and Karen Thompson
Patricia Bahr
Patricia Martner-Hewes
Randall and Darci Iola
Richard Busch and Jill Paley Busch
Richard Jung
Richard Lolich
Robert and Joanne Paiano
Russell Tigges
Sandra Garbely
Scott Spector and Robie Livingstone Spector
Shari Silbert
Shirin Woods
Stanley and Marianne Myles
Suzanne Milton
Thomas and Donna Shea
Thomas Sandman
Wade and Susanne Kramer
Yarw-Nan Wang and Cheauyun Chen

Partner in Friendship ($25 to $99)
Abraham Woldemariam
Alain and Karen Makris
Alissa Johnson
Amy Koppelman
Andrea Coltiletti-Capella
Andrea White
Anita Richardson
Anthony and Sharon Robinson
Anthony Dicarlo
Arnulfo and Myrna Umagat
Assefa Teshie and Almaz Weemego
Barbara Geary
Barbara Steere
Benjamin and Janet Woolery
Beth Huck
Boris and Aneta Gramatikov
Bradley and Kelly Warren
Brenda Mulju
Brett Spielvogel
Brian and Annmarie Edwards
Brian Richter and Margaret Fennelly
Bruce and Bridget Keator
Bruce and Esther Smith
Bruce Goldberg
Buu and Ai Nguyen
Carole Broadnax
Cary Bayer and Lisa Cook Bayer
Christopher and Barbara Henry
Cindy Nicodemus
Claudette Belnavis
Clement Achoa
Cynthia Ptak
Daniel Duan
Daniel Greenwald
Daniel Wheeland
David and Deborah Ball
David and Erika Pitzel
David and Frances Duckworth
David and Sandra Ritterepusch
David Keller
David Montani
Debra Coleman-Nally
Dennis and Ana Maria Barnabe
Derek Sabedra and Mary Bohanan
Desmond and Veronica Huggins
Diane Ferguson
Donald and Sisi Cimino
Donna Hurley-Soto
Donna Smith
Dorian LaFond and Anestine Theophile-LaFond
Ed and Elena Meinhardt
Edmund Kenny
Eileen Bernstein
Elaine Gorman
Elisabeth Eastman
Ellen Ensel
Emma Levine
Ernesto and Susana Villaflores
Fernando Pellerano and Amri Hernandez-Pellerano
Francine Frohman
Gabriel and Love Onyeador
Gary Enoch and Deborah Worthington
George and Barbara Pacinda
George and Ileana Barbara
Glenn and Mary D'Amore
Gordon Albert
Grant and Bonita Harrison
Gregory Dubin
Heidi Goff Newman
Helen Panagiotopoulos
Howard Rothschild
Hugo and Susana Frega
Hung Phan
Idalina Murphy
Ileana Barbara Engineering Supply Consulting Inc
Ilisa Nigrin
Ira and Audrey Forman
Jacinta Felici
Jacob and Dianna Sexton
Jamal and Lana Fawaz
James and Laura Riddle
James Feldman
Jana Ritter
Jaroslav Vostal and Donna Krasnewich-Vostal
Jeffery Marget
Jennifer Lasko
Jennifer Rossmere
Jianlin Zhai
Jo Arnone
Joanne Turgeson
Jodi Schneider
John and Darlene Padgett
John and Judith Petrigac
John and Kathleen Dwyer
Jonny and Hillary Lewis
Jose Sorto and Anan Guevara-Desorto
Joseph and Audrey Finci
Joseph and Lisa Nocera
Joseph and Moira Hollenbeck
Joseph Mullineaux
Joy Briggs
Juan Silva and Sol Tellez
Juraci and Pedrina Setra
Karen Tack
Karmen Slezak
Kathleen Smith
Keith and Debra Shannon
Kenneth and Anne Katz
Kevin and Cheryl Barrett
Kirthivasan and Radhika Venkatraman
Kris Beyer
Kristin Shulder
Laura Tan
Lawrence Manning
Lee Kulprasertrat
Leslie Barker
Lisa Badach
Lisa Reifsnider
Lois Johnson
Louise Lukin
Lynn Domanski
Marc Kutzin and Susan Richards Kutzin
Margaret Mayeski
Marilyn Langer
Mark Stein and Alina Tugend
Mary Lorsung
Matthew and Anne Jaffe
Matthew and Patricia Starr
Maureen Leatherbarrow
MetLife Foundation
Michael and Debra Majorczak
Michael and Rosalie Mince
Michele Capron
Michelle and Richard Gaines
Michelle Morgan
Minh Dang
Nancy Artus
Nancy Fallo Figueroa
Nancy Hansford
Nestor Sybing and Kathleen Barry
Oscar Ruiz
Pamela Colandrea
Paz Carcamo and Ana Romero
Percy and Shireen Gilbert
Pierre Clemenceau and Ellen Kirsh
Pradeep and Sushmita Behera
Raphael and Mary Louise Santini
Ray and Anette Saunders
Raymond and Mary Kent
Remedios Bugtong
Richard and Laurie Allen
Richard Gaines
Richard Preisler and Barbara Corak
Richard Singer
Robert and Carolyn Kelman
Robert and Connie Walls
Robert and Donna Steinmuller
Robert Garman
Robert Mackey
Robert Stubbs
Robin and Lesia Goodson
Ronald and Candice VanSickle
Sarwat Khan
Scott Brande and Barbara Leitner Brande
Scott Kravitz
Seth and Deborah Brett
Sheilah Olds
Shirley Allen
Steven Vilchinsky
Susan James
Suzanne Demars
Suzanne Walker
Taisheng and Ginfeng Day
Teofilo Gonzalez and Maria Guinand
Terese Klitenic
Terrence Fitzgerald
Tessa Loozer
The Houser Family
The Magas Family
Tod Machover
Tony and Victoria Eastridge
Tracey Davis
Tracey thomas
Tracy Esenstad
Vincent and Kimbery Goffin
Wei Han
Welson and Valcy Giovanini
William and Kathleen Connor
William and Tammy Childers
William Gerard
William Haigh
William Nass
Yeanling Feng
Yolanda Ramos

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