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Revised Student Code of Conduct

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dear Students,

With a new year beginning, a revised Code of Student Conduct has been approved by the University Senate and signed by President Loh, effective January 1, 2018. The revisions reflect the University Senate’s year-long review process which involved consultation and conversations with students and faculty as well as a review of peer institutions across the country.

The Code of Student Conduct outlines the behavioral expectations of University of Maryland students as members of this prestigious community. It also outlines your rights and responsibilities as a student at the University. The updated version may be found here:

Fundamentally, the student conduct process has not changed, however important updates were made. Below are some highlights from the revised Code:

  • Legalistic language in the Code has been reduced to make it easier for students to read and more fully understand what types of behavior are not permitted in the University community.
  • Definitions of “Prohibited Conduct” were expanded to align with the types of misconduct that are referred to our office.
  • The standard of evidence used to determine responsibility for a violation is now “more likely than not,” aligning with the Sexual Misconduct Policy, as mandated by federal guidance.
  • Students may choose to have an attorney accompany them to serve as an advisor and assist them through the process.  However, the role of attorneys has been revised so they can no longer speak on behalf of students. We encourage students to utilize the UMD Office of Undergraduate or Graduate Student Legal Aid, which is a free resource available to all students. 
  • These revisions ensure that our Code more closely aligns with our Big Ten and University System of Maryland peer institutions, and reflects our university’s values.  

We welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone who may have questions or concerns regarding the new Code. Contact us by clicking here.


Dr. Andrea Goodwin
Director, Student Conduct

Revised Student Code of Conduct | Terp Family


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