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UMD Mandatory Health Insurance (MHI) Requirement

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
University Health Center

UMD requires that all undergraduate students taking 6 or more credits have health insurance.  Your student is required to provide proof of health insurance by completing an on-line waiver once each academic year. We understand that many of your students may be covered on a family plan and do not need to purchase additional insurance from the university. Please ensure that your student completes the on-line waiver so that they will not be automatically enrolled in the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

Your student will receive an email from the University Health Center (UHC) with instructions detailing how to complete the on-line waiver.  Students who do not complete the waiver will be automatically billed the annual premium ($1597) for the SHIP.  If your student does not complete the waiver by February 14, 2017, your student will be automatically enrolled in SHIP for the entire insurance plan year and will not be eligible for a credit.
The on-line waiver site (www.firststudent.com) is now available.  Please encourage your student to be on the look-out for an email from “uhc-insurance@umd.edu” about MHI.
If you have any questions, please contact our Business Office at 301-314-8165.

The UHC wishes you a healthy and happy summer!