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Parenting a College Student

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Study GroupYour student, along with eight million others, is immersed in four of the most important years of their life. It is a time that is both exciting and frightening—a period of joy, pain, discovery, and disappointment. With all that is learned and experienced, your student will no doubt leave the University of Maryland as a different person and, along the way, you will experience much of the same happiness and defeats as does your student.

There is never an easy answer to the issues, problems or challenges that students and their parents and families experience. Parents and families often wonder how best to prepare themselves for all that lies ahead. Oh, if only there was a magic solution or easy remedy. While there are always unique situations, there are also many common threads that unite the experiences that parents and families have with their college students.

In our effort to offer sage advice and helpful hints, we discovered two articles that reflect the common parent and student experiences. The first was written by a student and the second was written by a college professor, administrator and parent. Both articles have been adapted to provide additional suggestions we've learned from our own experiences through our work with students and parents. And, while much of the information is geared toward parents of first-year students, the suggestions are beneficial for all parents regardless of your student's academic year.