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Welcome Parents and Families

Coming to college is a big step, regardless of a person's background, and we recognize the investment this requires as a student and as a parent or family member. We also recognize the deep commitment you have to the success of your Terp student, and this is something to which the University is also committed. Students often face challenges and can become overwhelmed or confused as they encounter periods of self–exploration. We know from experience that parents and family members can often make such obstacles easier to overcome; however, assisting your student is not always easy and can provide its own unique set of challenges.

We believe establishing a relationship with parents and family members is an important component of a successful University of Maryland experience for students. We are here to offer support to you—as parents and family—so that you can, in turn, provide the necessary guidance, direction, advice and support for your students. We are also here to provide you with opportunities to get involved in the University of Maryland community and contribute to the educational experience of your student.

This Website is designed to be your main source for information at the University, to help connect you with valuable resources and services, to inform and educate you about important student issues, and to facilitate your involvement as a parent or family member. The news, events, articles, and other features are updated on a regular basis. We invite you to bookmark the home page so you can return to the Website often.

If you are unable to find what you're looking for, if you have questions or concerns, or if you need assistance in any way, please contact our office at 301–314–8429 or via email at terpfamily@umd.edu. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunities that await you, and that you will continue to play an active role in your student's life.